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Liquid Carbon

The new no-compromise transportable performance amp


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Liquid Gold

The New Gold Standard in Dynamic Headphone Amplification


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Liquid Lightning

Flexible Tube Hybrid or Solid State Electrostatic Amplifiers


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Liquid Glass

Hybrid Tube-Roller’s Dream Amplifier


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The Liquid Carbon amps have begun shipping. We anticipate all remaining Carbon amps to ship by the end of December. Thanks to all for your business!


At Cavalli Audio we seek to build audio equipment with superb dynamics and fluid sound. In our endeavor doing so, we carefully blend the musical signature of vacuum tubes with the precision of solid state - at the heart of each and every one of our products rests our promise to bring a smile to your face when listening. 

Passionate about perfection in every way, our design philosophy reflects brevity by avoiding unnecessary modules and components, purity by not adding nor subtracting anything from the source signal, and a functional case design making our amplifiers appealing to the eye and easy to operate.

Thank you for considering Cavalli Audio for your next headphone amplifier.


Cavalli Audio Liquid Lightning 2: “The Black Beauty” ...

Peter Pialis
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“[At this price-point] these [portable amps] will be insane bargains… Kudos to Alex Cavalli for doing these affordable, fully discrete amps, the Cavalli way. I’m serious, these are fantastic little amps.” - Jude Mansilla, ...

Cavalli Audio
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Back from RMAF. Lots of good comments on all of our amps, especially the LL2T electrostats and the new Liquid Crimson.

Lots of production to take care with the LAu 4 run in mid stream and the LL2T run cranking up.


Sunday, October 26, 2014 7:27:08 AM
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